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Holding Hands

Chronic pain
and suicide

You are not alone. 

Individuals with chronic pain are two to three times more at risk to experience thoughts of suicide, attempt suicide, or die by suicide. It is not uncommon for people with chronic pain to act on these thoughts and feelings as a means of escaping.

Pain-related factors such as chronicity (lasting a long time), severe pain, multiple pain conditions, and sleep disturbance are often connected to emotions and mood. This can lead to despair, social isolation, low quality of life, and suffering.

Using a Touch Phone

If you or someone you know are experiencing a suicide crisis, there are resources you can turn to for help. 

Provident Behavioral Health has a 24-hour crisis hot line: 314-647-4357

Behavioral Heath Response has a 24-hour crisis line: 1-800-811-4760 or 314-469-6644

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline has a 24-hour crisis line: 1-800-273-8255


You can also call your health provider. If you do not get an immediate response, call the 24-hour numbers listed above or simply go to an emergency room.

Mental health resources

Supportive Friend

Chronic pain can make people feel depressed and anxious, and depression and anxiety make chronic pain worse.


Just as patients report physical pain to their doctor, it is just as important to report emotional suffering, depressed thoughts, or thoughts about suicide.


If you are looking for a mental health provider or other services, Mental Health America has a list of resources available. Your community health center also has trained professionals who can offer help. Ask your doctor if you'd like to talk more about your emotional suffering. 

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